Friday, July 23, 2010

Adidas AdiTennis Hi Blue A.039

Size: 6, 9, 11

The adidas Originals aditennis Hi blue trainer combines a modern nylon and leather upper however still maintains the classic retro-inspired adidas originals look. The aditennis hi blue trainer also comes with two sets of laces in black or white for added on-the-go versatility and a stand out blue colour pop sole.

This season marks the unveiling of adidas Originals’ newest capsule, the A.039. The collection focuses on the colour blue, deriving its name from adidas’ internal code for the adidas Originals’ colour blue. The Aditennis is one of the first premium, subtle shoes to be released. 

•Materials mix upper for interesting looks 
•Hi cut for support and style 
•Additional white laces included 
•Textile lining for comfort 
•Pivot outsole for grip 
•Blue Colour pop sole

The adidas Originals adiTennis Hi Blue is a perfect exponent of the A.039 collection and is sure to be a classic, timeless adidas trainer.

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