Thursday, August 21, 2014

Japan Blue Bridle Leather Belt

Size: 30, 32, 34

  • Premium English Bridle cowhide leather
  • Brass buckle is slightly distressed
  • Bold brass flat rivets
  • Japan Blue logo on belt inner
  • Five pin holes - 2.5cm (0.6in) between each hole
  • Using a special tanning method that yields Bridle leather, the leather for this belt was tanned in England. Bridle leather is known for its special luster while still maintaining durability and functionality. Reinforced brass flat rivets and a sturdy brass buckle pair well with the thick, 1/6" cowhide leather to complete these fine pieces. The belts themselves are built to last in Okayama, and are available in three colors of tanned leather: Natural, Chocolat, and Black.

    Size 30 is ideal for Waist size 28-30
    Size 32 is ideal for Waist size 30-32
    Size 34 is ideal for waist size 33-36

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